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Jeep YJ Full-Width Axle Kit for Ford Front Axle

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    Jeep YJ Full-Width Axle Kit for Ford Front Axle



    Upgrading your differential to full-width axles on a 1987 to 1995 Jeep YJ is one of the #1 upgrade owners want to do!! Dave's Customs Unlimited has made the process much easier with their front full-width axle kit. Tired of breaking your Dana 30 front end, then install a Dana 44 or Dana 60 front end from a full size Ford with ease.

    To install a full width axle kit under the front of a YJ, you must move the front springs outboard the frame. We have come up with the MOST COMPLETE KIT on the market with the HIGHEST QUALITY of parts.

    Jeep YJ full-width axle kit utilizes the conventional way with the shackles - so this is a NON-SHACKLE REVERSAL SETUP, which we feel is a much superior setup for off-road use, no need for special front driveshaft or tire compression issues with the back of the fender well. All components are CNC cut and CNC bent from 1/4" thick HRP&O, USA-made steel for a precise fit. Rear mounts require welding and are designed to fit on the inside and outside of the frame, which sandwich the frame for superior strength, not like competitors that only weld to the outside of the frame and are prone to bending and cracking the frame! Front mounts bolt on using factory holes and are welded on.

    Installing a full width axle underneath a Jeep YJ can create steering clearance issues with the tie rod and drag link. We highly recommend our Jeep YJ Heavy Duty Steering Box Relocation Kit. This kit moves the steering box forward 1 inch, which can help eliminate these issues. 


    • Kit is designed for 2 1/2" wide front springs.
    • Kit available for Ford front differential with 36 1/2" center pin to center pin width.
    • Brackets are HEAVY DUTY 1/4" thick and includes high quality grade 8 mounting hardware with hardened flat washers and all metal lock nuts! Heavy wall D.O.M. tube spacers included for inside of frame.
    • Includes heavy-duty polyurethane shackle bushings and spacers for shackle mounts.
    This kit is far more superior than the others at an unbeatable price!!


    Not included - Shocks, leaf springs, u-bolts, shackles, bolts for springs, shock towers, brake lines, etc.





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    1. First Review! Nice product, no one else makes this bad boy

      These brackets are some of the best quality I've seen. Incredibly strong and welded good.
      Although a quick search online will only point you to people who have done this swap with Super duty axles 99+
      I however am using a set of 97 axles, d60 BJ and sterling 10.25" in the rear.
      Not sure why everyone prefers SD axles to the pre SD axles but I guess once my jeep is driving I wont care anymore.
      Worthy of note: I used a couple different companies frame replacement pieces etc for the front frame horns on my YJ. Even though the replacement pieces overlap the existing frame by the thickness of the metal (3/16ths) this kit still fit and welded on perfectly and allowed me to install my D60 flawlessly.
      I'm still unsure as to whether the pinion angle will be correct or if they've accounted for it in the kit for these specific axles. And a couple calls with tech support didn't quite get me a definitive answer. But, once she's road worthy I'll update my review with what i find.
      Also, i got the Steering Box Relocation bracket as well and would highly recommend that as well. Built just as badass and solves a lot of steering linkage clearance issues from what I can see so far.
      on Jan 11th 2021