Boatside Rocker Panels

Jeep Boatside Rockers - For the Hardcore Individual

We are the pioneers in Jeep boatside rocker panels. Our 45 degree angle boatside rocker panels for the Jeep CJ, YJ, and TJ are truly the real deal. Made from HRP&O, USA-made 3/16 steel, these Jeep boatside rockers are the choice of those who are truly committed to off-roading and rock crawling, They not only add additional clearance and protection, but they will give it a real distinctive hardcore look!

While other companies call their boatsides "mini", there is nothing "mini" about ours! Our unique Jeep boatside rocker panels are designed for those looking for the next level of performance. DCU boatside rockers require you to modify the stock rocker panel area on your Jeep for installation. The 45-degree angle offers additional clearance, about 4 inches per side, to allow you to conquer any obstacle. These Jeep boatside rocker panels are shipped bare steel; include mounting hardware and can be painted to match your Jeep if desired.

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