Jeep Power Brake Conversion Kits


Those with a Jeep CJ just plain need the stopping power, and those with a Jeep TJ know that OEM setups won't stand up to the one ton axles just swapped underneath your Jeep. Those with a Jeep XJ can't rely on the problematic ABS system and are looking for stopping power that just plain works in any environment!

By upgrading your braking system with a Jeep Power Brake Conversion kit from Dave's Customs Unlimited, you can have power brakes with vastly improved stopping power and with less pedal pressure.

Power Brake Conversion for Jeeps

Dave's Customs Unlimited power brake conversion kits are direct replacement for your original factory setup. The dual diaphragm system is designed to increase stopping power with less pedal pressure and work with larger brakes. When you order a Power Brake Conversion Kit from Dave's Customs Unlimited, you can rest assure that you are receiving the highest quality kit. Kits offered include:

- Jeep CJ Power Brake Conversion
- Jeep YJ Power Brake Conversion
- Jeep TJ Power Brake Conversion
- Jeep XJ Power Brake Conversion

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