Diff Covers

Heavy Duty Diff Covers for Heavy Duty Off-Roading

Don’t install a Dana 44, Dana 60 or Dana 70 heavy duty axle, only to protect them with a stock diff cover. Ring and pinions and lockers deserve the highest levels of protection to keep your rig out in the wildness, dominating terrain – and not in the shop replacing your differential. At Dave’s Custom’s Unlimited we offer truly hardcore protection in our Dana 44 diff cover, Dana 60 diff cover, Dana 70 diff cover, and GM 14 bolt diff cover. These differential covers offer a truly unique level of protection unmatched by other suppliers.

While some suppliers offer cheaply made cast covers from China, our heavy duty diff covers are hand-crafted from thick, HRP&O steel and are made here in the United States.

We promise you that you won’t find a more durable, heavy duty diff cover for your rig anywhere else. Browse our selection and get protection that’s worthy of your prized machine.


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