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Jeep CJ and YJ Power Brake Conversion Kit

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    Jeep CJ and YJ Power Brake Conversion Kit

    Dave's Customs Unlimited HEAVY DUTY power brake conversion kit designed for 1974 to 1986 Jeep CJs, 1987 to 1995 Jeep Wrangler’s. Can also be used on older Jeep CJ's with modifications.

    This setup is unique as it is a dual diaphragm brake booster and a high performance master cylinder with optional bore diameters for various applications such as disc brakes front and rear or aftermarket axles under a Jeep with larger brakes or for upgrading to power brakes. If not familiar with a dual diaphragm setup, a dual diaphragm setup can create more stopping power with less pedal pressure. All these Jeeps came with a single diaphragm brake booster with the exception of some 1995 YJs.

    It is known that on the 1976 to 1986 CJs it was such a rare option to even have power brakes and without the factory brackets, which were notorious for many problems, there is no way of converting over. This enables you to have a direct bolt-on setup with more modern day stopping power with your Jeep. Even if your vehicle came equipped with power brakes, this upgrade can provide significantly more stopping power.
    There are a few other kits on the market similar to ours (some good, some not so good), but not as high quality. All of our components are BRAND NEW, not re-manufactured like our competitors. The bracket, booster, and master cylinder lid are all zinc plated, and you also have a lot of adjustability with this kit. The push rod is adjustable unlike the factory nonadjustable so you can actually adjust pedal height.
    • 8" dual diaphragm brake booster (can be ordered with the larger 9")
    • High performance master cylinder with a matched bore diameter for your particular application
    • Adjustable push rod assembly
    • Firewall bracket
    • Master cylinder bench bleeding kit

    NOTE: Additional fittings may be needed and some modifications may be necessary of brake lines at master cylinder on some applications.

    Upgrade will not work with vehicle equipped with ABS brakes.
    If using rear disc brakes, we highly recommend eliminating the proportioning valve or installing a manual adjustable one such as (PVC-B).
    NOTE:Engine vacuum needs to be a minimum of 18 inches of vacuum at idle when engine is warm for power brake setup to function properly. Please confirm prior to ordering.
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    1. YJ Power Brake Conversion

      Purchased from Kyle a Power Brake Conversion for our YJ with new rear disc brakes, after adding a Vacuum Booster as we have a cam in the 360, recommended by Kyle what a difference in brakes. The Jeep actually stop's not to mention the support from Kyle on tech question's. Highly Recommended on Jul 26th 2023

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