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Jeep TJ LS Series and Gen III Conversion Engine Mounts

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    Jeep TJ 1997 to 2006 LS Series and Gen III Conversion Engine Mounts
    Have you been thinking about swapping in an LS or Gen III engine in your Jeep TJ?
    Our engine mounts are light years ahead of the competition with strength, quality, and aesthetics.

    Dave's Customs Unlimited heavy duty engine mounts were designed to simplify your engine conversion. Made from CNC cut and CNC bent 3/16" and 1/4" thick HRP&O steel for a precise fit.

    There is a very fine window in which the LS/Gen III engine can properly fit into a Jeep TJ. We have taken all the guess work out of it and have predetermined the engine placement for the installer with the provided locating tab to assist you in placing the engine in the correct location.
    Engine dampening is conquered by the heavy duty polyurethane bushings and coupled with the block brackets with grade 8 hardware and all metal lock nuts. No grade 2 carriage bolts here, like some of our competitors.
    We have designed these heavy duty conversion engine mounts with the do-it-yourselfer in mind and have incorporated some adjustability into them. The block mounts are slotted which allows the installer to slightly fine tune engine placement side to side. Frame mounts can be slid slightly front to back on the frame for desired positioning before welding.

    NOTE: Engine mounts will offset engine towards the passenger side slightly, which will allow more clearance for front driveshaft.

    The engine mounts will mount the engine higher in the engine compartment for the much needed clearance. These engines are fairly tall and need as much clearance as possible. Competitors mounts will actually mount the engine lower in the engine compartment causing major clearance issues.

    Our well-thought out, CAD-designed engine mounts offset the engine mounts further forward on the block, which gives you the much needed clearance for your exhaust or aftermarket headers.

    Our engine mounts will work with the factory Gen III AC compressor, BUT extensive frame modifications will be necessary for clearance. If you are going to mount an AC compressor, we highly recommend a high mount setup.
    Most aftermarket block hugger-style headers will fit with these engine mounts, unlike the few competitors making conversion mounts that will only work with their headers.

    NOTE: We highly recommend a 1" body lift for added clearance!

    NOTE: Minor firewall modifications will be necessary.

    NOTE: If you have a bone stock TJ with stock style suspension, there will be clearance issues with the upper control arms. Will require a minimum of 3 inches of lift and aftermarket upper control arms.
    The kit includes one pair of heavy duty conversion engine mounts.
    NOTE: No engine block mounting bolts included.

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