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Jeep TJ / LJ Extended Boat Side Rocker Panels

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    Jeep TJ / LJ Extended Boatside Rocker Panels

    Dave's Customs Unlimited exclusive Jeep TJ / LJ extended boatside rocker panels designed for Jeep Wrangler (TJ / LJ) 1997 to 2006. These are our extended version of our standard Jeep TJ boatside rockers. They can be used for the customer with a standard Jeep LJ or Jeep TJ that has the wheelbase extended. The rockers are 8" longer than our standard Jeep TJ rockers. 

    We are the pioneers on the boatside rocker panels. There is nothing "mini" about these boatside rockers. These are the real deal. These not only will give your Jeep the added clearance and protection, but they will give it a real distinctive hardcore look. 

    • Boat side rocker panels are not your average rocker panel protection. Designed more for the hardcore individual that does not mind cutting the stock rocker panel area on your body.
    • Angled at a 45-degree angle. You can gain about 4 inches of side clearance allowing you to squeeze through tight obstacles.
    • Overall length of the boatsides is 65". Boatsides mount from the backside of the stock front fender flares to the front edge of the rear wheel well opening.
    • Formed from HRP&O, USA-made 3/16" steel.
    • Includes stainless mounting hardware.
    • Shipped bare steel.
    NOTE: May interfere with some front cages so modifications may need to be done to cage. Some trimming or modifications of the boatsides may be necessary for your particular application. 
    NOTE: Lead time to ship is 1-2 weeks. Additional custom lengths are available. Please call!


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